Daniel Wade

Daniel Wade: Vocals, guitar | Evan Jones Thorne: Guitar, vocals | Buck Foley: Bass | Chad Grigic: Drums

Live recording from the Double Door in Chicago, IL. More information at
Filmed by Scott Sweeney & Mike Hari | Audio mixed by Scott Sweeney | Video edited by Mike Hari

Live recording of “Travelin’ Band” (Creedence Clearwater Revival) from the Emporium in Chicago, IL.

Live recordings of “Fun With Destruction” and “Failsafe” from House Of Blues in Chicago, IL.


Ryan Powers & the Secret Weapons

Ryan Powers: Vocals, guitar | Alex Maier: Guitar, vocals | Evan Jones Thorne: Bass | Chris Insidioso: Drums

Talk Talk | Live recording at Township in Chicago, IL


Dash Cunning

Adam Wisz: Vocals, guitar | Evan Jones Thorne: Guitar, vocals | Tony Campbell: Bass, vocals | Lee Noble: Drums, vocals

Dash Cunning vs. Mini-Boss EP | Recorded in 2010 by Adam Wisz


The Attraction

Eli Chen: Vocals, guitar | Michael Drew: Guitar, vocals | Evan Jones Thorne: Bass, vocals | Matt Fuller: Drums

“Stay” single | Recorded in 2010 by Chuck Macak,

From Here On After

Josh Peter: Vocals, guitar | Evan Jones Thorne: Guitar, vocals | Colin Godsey: Bass, vocals | Matt Kramer: Drums

Stranger Danger EP | Recorded in 2006 by Jim Godsey, JBG Audio

Preproduction demos from unfinished LP | Recorded in 2008 by Dustin Bennet,

Live recording of “If Richard Parker Only Knew” from the House Cafe in Dekalb, IL.