“I’ve run my own music PR business for the last four years and I’ve never had a better editor as far as content, timeliness and overall passion than Evan Jones Thorne. Both analytically and with a vision for flair and brevity, Evan understands what will both play well to the reader as well as what will represent the subject best. Evan has often taken a mountain of information — ranging from essential to pointless — and made the most intriguing molehill out of it, cutting fat when necessary and finding the true story within. Anyone in journalism, promotions or the like would be lucky to work with him!”
— Jim Hanke // Forest Bride PR & Promo

“Evan has a way of capturing the depth of an artist’s career and somehow making the reader anticipate their next move. His music knowledge, experience as a musician himself, and his being an incredibly gifted and experienced writer proves Evan is cut from the same cloth as many of the great music journalists.”
— Tom Schraeder // Tom Schraeder & His Ego

“Through just a brief Q&A session, Evan was able to put together exactly what we were looking for. We had multiple revisions due to some needs on our end and he was always quick to respond. We ended up completely satisfied with the end result and couldn’t have done it without him.”
— Nate Lanthrum // Troubled Hubble

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Evan a few times, not only for my own personal needs but also for the needs of a few of my clients. Evan’s work speaks for itself, and his pursuit of his clients’ needs goes above and beyond. When I do have a client that can benefit from a writer or editor, I know with full confidence they will be satisfied with Evan’s attention to detail, quick turnaround, and willingness to work with just about anything you throw at him.”
— Justin Yates // www.justinyates.net

“The materials Evan prepared for my project, Jagged Jaw, helped me a great deal with press and a variety of other outreach. Highly recommended.”
— Bobby Lord // Jagged Jaw, Brendan Benson, Any Kind

“Evan made us sound like a band worth listening to, which is very hard to do when there are so many bands out there. I’m very impressed with his work and I would definitely hire him again.”
— Matt Allpow // City Mouth

“I love the bio, Evan–thank you so much! You really helped explain what Braintenna is, in a way I could never have done on my own.”
— Kyle Biba // Braintenna

“Evan is a standout features and entertainment writer, who writes with great authority and voice.”
— Kurt Gessler // Chicago Tribune

“Evan is one of the most creative thinkers I’ve worked with. What’s more unfair is his ability to transform those thoughts to fit any communication need. Evan has a mastery of crafting a story to provide a narrative that is more than just the players and the setting, and is a colleague who knows how to work with a team to get the best results.”
— Nathan Ronchetti // Alpaytac Public Relations, ex-Daily Herald